An actor and his manager... a super love comedy about a forbidden love.
I can't forget the moment when I entrusted myself to Tezuka while feeling the warmth of his back.
"Hold on tight."
In order to continue hiding her feelings towards Tezuka, Kyouko switched from being Tezuka's manager to Akae's, but Akae is...
The chapter starts with Kyouko looking out of it while cleaning the floor. She then shrieks "kyaaa!" as she rolls around on the floor. She stops for a moment gasping for breath, recalling the other night when Tezuka told her to hold on to him tightly. She blushes and then shrieks "kyaaa!" again as she rolls happily back and forth across the floor. Akae shows up and looks surprised. He exclaims that the room is sparkling clean and tells Kyouko that she is wonderful. Kyouko is sweating heavily and looks like she's about to pass out while gasping for breath. She then stands up with a smile (with smudges on her face) and says to Akae, "Welcome home!" She reports to Akae that the cleaning is done and the clothes have been put away in the closet. He thanks her. She also mentions that the office sent over presents from his fans. He tells her to organize them later when she has time. She then informs him that he has a television shoot next and that she will go with him. He says that she doesn't have to go.
Kyouko looks at Akae with a slightly blank look and starts to say something, so he tells her that an assistant can accompany him to the shooting locations and that he wants her to stay here and take care of things at the apartment. As he leaves, Akae tells her that he won't be returning home again tonight, so she can do as she pleases for dinner. The door shuts and Kyouko is standing in the room by herself, holding a mop. It's been one week since she's been called over to Akae's apartment. She hasn't seen Tezuka since that day.
The scene changes to the televsion shoot. Tezuka seems to be looking for someone as Nikaido calls his name. Nikaido asks Tezuka what is he doing since they're about to do a run-through of the scene. Tezuka starts to ask Nikaido about someone but can't say the person's name and ends up blushing. Akae grabs Tezuka's shoulder and says that if Tezuka is asking about Kyouko, she is at Akae's place. Akae grins at Tezuka and tells him that it has already been one week since he and Kyouko started living together. Tezuka looks at him in shock. Akae asks Tezuka to please keep quiet about it and that he will eventually tell the company president but he wants to enjoy their time together, just the two of them. Tezuka looks indifferent as he responds that he thought maybe Kyouko got fired because she committed a blunder or something. Akae looks surprised by Tezuka's reaction.
The run-through of scene 10-125 starts. Tezuka is acting in the scene and speaks the lines, "I know about it, you know. That you love that other guy! Did you think I wouldn't notice?" Akae is watching from the sidelines and mutters to himself that maybe Tezuka isn't affected by the idea that Akae and Kyouko are living together. Tezuka continues on with his lines, saying "You met up with him before we were engaged! What kind of memories do you think I..." and then stops in mid-sentence. Akae perks up. As Tezuka remains speechless, the actress, production crew, and staff all stare at Tezuka (sweat drops). While the staff tells the crew to switch over to camera 2, someone mentions the Tezuka legend (20 NG scenes in one filming). The producer yells into the microphone that this is the reality of promoting a one-time guest appearance to recurring character status. He shouts that it will not be a repeat of the Tezuka legend and for the camera to focus in on Tezuka. A close-up of Tezuka looking serious appears on the screen. He says, "Uh." and then continues with, "So, you're staying at his house... is that so? Well, uh, I see, his house..." The producer stares at the viewing screen and then says "Stop. Take 2." The assistant with Akae nervously looks back and forth, worrying about Tezuka while wondering why Akae is bent over shaking. Akae laughs to himself and thinks that it was a success. Tezuka is silent, looking down in embarrassment.
Tezuka is in the dressing room with Nikaido who is holding a cell phone. The call is from the company president who shouts, "Moron!" Tezuka apologizes (sweat drop) while Nikaido looks at him in concern. While putting on sunglasses, Nikaido tells Tezuka that he has some business at Akae's apartment building after this and wants to know if Tezuka will go with him. Tezuka looks surprised (sweat drop) and replies that he doesn't really need to go there. Nikaido replies that his business is actually on the 6th floor, one floor above Akae's apartment. He wants to be there when Maina-chan (age 6) from the Sasaki residence returns from her ballet practice. Nikaido looks a little creepy with sunglasses and a cloth wrapped around his mouth, holding a camera ready to take pictures. Tezuka tells Nikaido that he confessed to Kyouko. He says that her answer to him was to switch from being his manager to Akae's. He feels that Kyouko, with her negative personality, should be happy now that she is with a person she likes. He feels that this is much better for Kyouko instead of being by his side, always afraid of him.
Over at Akae's apartment building, Kyouko, with smudges on her face, wonders what to do since there is nothing left for her to work on. Check the schedule? Already made. Check the script? Already done. Repaper the shoji screen? There are no shoji screens in the apartment. Make a "chabashira*". (*auspicious sign - tea stalk floating upright in one's tea cup). No can do. Kyouko collapses on her side and stays there, wondering how Tezuka is doing these days. Lying on the floor, she has all kinds of random thoughts about Tezuka. She tries not to think about him but ends up remembering him carrying her on his back. She lets out a little sob. Then the doorbell rings. It's Tezuka, staring at Kyouko. Kyouko, all dirty from cleaning, looks back at him in surprise with a tear running down her face.
As Kyouko starts to write something down in her notebook, Tezuka whacks her on the head. Kyouko welcomes the distraction from him, while Tezuka shakes her and yells that as usual she's working too hard. Kyouko rests her head on his chest. She cries while saying his name. He puts his arm around her and asks her why she is so filthy. Embarrassed, Tezuka, then pulls his arm back and apologizes while both of them blush. Tezuka starts to leave while shouting that he's just here to stop Nikaido's crimes. Kyouko looks confused by that. At the same time, Akae returns home and the assistant can be heard saying that he will pick Akae up at 7 AM the next day. Kyouko and Tezuka freeze by the door. Akae enters the apartment, happily greeting Kyouko.
Kyouko shuts the curtains by the balcony as she gasps for air. She tells Akae that she thought he wasn't going to be back tonight. He says that he hadn't planned on it and then asks what is she doing by the curtains. She reponds that she's getting rid of a roach. Tezuka is outside on the balcony, holding his shoes and sweating a bit. Akae tells Kyouko that today's shoot was a masterpiece and that Tezuka had many NG* (*no good/mistakes) scenes. Kyouko looks dismayed and says, "What?" Tezuka twitches and looks miffed. Akae chuckles as he explains that after he mentioned he and Kyouko were living together, the incompetant Tezuka became flustered during filming. He gives Kyouko a calculated look and says that Tezuka seems to love Kyouko very much. Both Kyouko and Tezuka are frozen in shock. Akae goes on to say that as expected, Tezuka doesn't notice what's around him, that he's honestly clumsy about those kind of things. Kyouko continues to stare at him. Akae smiles and tells her that by using her, it will be easy for Tezuka to self-destruct.
Akae swiftly grabs Kyouko, looks closely in her eyes, and asks for her cooperation. Tezuka, still hiding on the balcony, looks shocked and concerned. Kyouko is pushed down. Akae leans over Kyouko and tells her that he's annoyed with her too, since she used to only have eyes for him. He asks her when did she start wagging her tail at Tezuka? Akae grabs her collar as she shouts his name in surprise. Akae wonders what Tezuka's reaction will be when he sees suggestive pictures of them. He thinks it will be the end of Tezuka's career. Kyouko stares in shock. Tezuka bursts through the balcony door and yells "you bastard!" to Akae. It looks like he's about to punch Akae, but it's actually Kyouko who makes the punch, slamming Akae to the floor. Breathing hard, Kyouko looks mad. Tezuka stand there, stunned, as Kyouko tells Akae that Tezuka is not an untrained actor who will become useless due to Akae's shenanigans. Akae, holding his cheek, mutters "ow". He turns to Kyouko and says, "How dare...!", Tezuka bops Kyouko on the head. Surprised, Akae asks why is Tezuka in his apartment. Tezuka scolds Kyouko about hitting an actor in the face. Kyouko says that she may get fired. Tezuka responds that she will be fired.
As Tezuka and Kyouko continue arguing, Akae wonders why they are ignoring him. Tezuka asks Kyouko if she's just a stupid manager or a just a stupid person in general. Kyouko tells him that he doesn't have to imply that she's really that dumb. Tezuka responds that she's stupid, really stupid. Akae gets fed up and tells both of them to get out of his apartment. Kyouko and Tezuka stop arguing and look over at him. Akae looks digusted and tells Kyouko to go on back to her own place and to pick him up at 7 AM tomorrow. Tezuka taps Kyouko on the head and says it looks like Akae won't get rid of her. Kyouko looks sheepish and rubs the top of her head. Tezuka touches her hand and tells her not to overdo it since that's the hand she hurt when she punched Akae. Akae, sitting on the couch and looking glum, thinks to himself that Tezuka is the stupid one and can't believe he is so thick-headed. Tezuka and Kyouko are facing each other. Tezuka has his eyes closed while he gently holds Kyouko's hand against his chin. Embarrassed, Kyouko looks down and wonders how long she can continue to hide her feelings for him.



03/14/2012 5:16pm

Thanks I really like this manga!!!!! I know its going to end soon. But I wished that Kyouko would just go on and tell Tezuka How much she loves him. I LOL when she punched Akae she should have done it sooner!!! THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!

thank you
03/14/2012 7:56pm

thank you for continuing this series!

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Thanks a lot. I admire you for all you did. ^^ Thanks to you i can discover great josei manga. =)

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thanks for the translation, cant not wait for the rest!!

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You did a great job! Thanks..

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Aghhh!!! Thank you so much! For some reason, the scanlations have stopped at Ch.9, so I'm ecstatic to find this! :3


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