This is a chapter narrated by Sumire (Wao’s dog). She begins by introducing herself and saying “I know I might look a little foolish and stupid, but I do understand humans. This is because humans release a smell.”

      He begins on the oji-san (Shima’s father). “He is very nice to me, but recently I feel as if he has other motives for being nice to me. It started around the time that crying girl Shima came to live with him. But I think his motive is love (for her and Wao’s mother).”

      Next is her and Wao’s mother (he refers to her as mother). “A while ago, she secretly told me at the kitchen that that oji-san (Shima’s father) always comes to her register at the supermarket even though the other registers are open. From her I smelled the thoughts weird, gross, and uncomfortable. After that it snowed a lot and that oji-san and my mom came home together. After that she didn’t smell like she was thinking weird, gross, and uncomfortable. Wao stayed quiet and just hugged me. On Christmas, he came home with snacks but they were for humans and I couldn’t eat any. Oji-san said the two just went out for drinks, but I couldn’t smell any alcohol on him only nervousness. I sat down next to him and he just pet me and talked about the weather, his work, Shima, and his divorce from his ex-wife, and other things. He kept on apologizing, but I didn’t know why because the more he talked the less nervous and uncomfortable my mother became. My mother told him that Wao’s father had gotten fired from his job shortly after Wao was born and he ran to alcohol and one day he just left saying that Wao and her should just pretend that he had died. My mother then said that she just pretended he had died, but then she was informed about his real death and found out that he had been living with another women after he left, but my mother also said she was glad that he was not lonely.” At this moment, Shima knocks at the door calling for Wao.

      Sumire begins talking again “Actually I know what divorce is, and what being lonely is like because of the person who has raised me from when I was younger Yumi (Gen’s sister). She said to me that she would never leave and that she is going to bring me home with her after she got divorced.I love oji-san, mother, Wao, Gen, Shima, and Yumi, so I just want everyone to be happy. Is that too much to ask for?”



10/22/2012 9:37pm

Aww.. so cute. Keep up the good work guys. I know stiletto is also working on this series, but know that since you guys update more often, I always keep on the lookout for you guys. Nothing you do will go unappreciated. Especially this amazing series. Colossal props to the bxs staff. LOVE YA! :)


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