Starting with another release of SixHalf, thanks to the help of our awesome Kurochan, and the raws donated by Shmookie.
Also! Kokoro Botan 18 Summary. Thanks to our dear Michy! Lot of love for her <3~
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And to finish with the last chapter of Tonari no Atashi, in which contributed our super cool staff: Osora, Sara and Lynn! Thank you very much! There're also 2 specials more, so the serie hasn't completely ended.
Btw, the next summary of Bokura wa Itsumo 53 isn't done yet, but I remembered that Mela (of colorful scans) kindly shared the raws of BwI 52, so you can go and check them :). Thank you Mela!
See?, I had a lot of new releases xD. There're more, and hope some Tora to Ookami see the light this weekend, but not really sure about that and also, there's a high probability that we take Principal's summaries :), the new translator will start working on that soon, just let's wait and see if everything works well with that :)

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I have many updates, but it seems I can't find the right time to post them. Sorry for that.

New series have come!: Taiyou no Iethanks to our proofreader and now, translator: Lynn! and Balancing Toy, thanks to dnjs (translator) & Shmook (vol1) & Donations to BxS Manga, I mean, YOU PEOPLE (vol2) <3~

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Thanks to Osora, dnjs, Mela, Sasami, Cozen and Kayoru (new part of the staff!! Welcome :3), here's chapter 34 of L-DK. It took a while. Thanks for your patience :)

And I ask you to be patient about Hapi Mari summary too, we don't even have the raws yet and you're asking for realeses which is... sigh, such a pain. So well, guess you'll know that is done... when I upload it (Whisperpuppies always gives some spoilers at her blog before she's done with the summaries too, but remember she doesn't have the raws yet, I repeat: SHE DOESN'T HAVE THE RAWS YET). Be a good kid and deal with it :)

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AHR 18



Thanks to Estella <3, we bring AHR 18 translation today =)

Couldn't make the slideshow because my laptop kinda... died (DAT BSoD), I can't even access in safe mode and I think, now that I got a borrowed a lap (thank you auntie :____) ), I'll see if I can try with ubuntu, linux and such (with WIN7 cd... didn't work). I'm having such a headache trying to save all the files in my HDD, any advice would be really appreciated.
Need to buy another one, but man, the economy is not good enough at these hard times. My heart </3

And then, you have this Kou in this chapter that I felt like kicking his head over the asphalt and then kissing it. But that would be quite impossible considering it's not real, you know, IT'S NOT REAL. I don't know where such rant came from. But Sakisaka, that was a cruel tease for a fangirl without her laptop :C. I guess I'll start spoiling you now. What a terrible girl am I.

Do you wanna give me a laptop? :D That'd make things better, you know :3

Okay, no ._.

Go to read the chapter and I'll keep banging my forehead against the table, like futaba style.


Thanks to our staff: Michy and Kurochan, we bring 2 updates today: Kokoro Botan 17 and Six Half 12 Summaries. Remember to drop a thanks here and there for their awesome work :)

To consider (in no particar order):

+L-DK 34 is taking a while with the typesetting, but is coming soon ( I hope)

+Taiyou no Ie: It's been taking while, but the translator is working on it now. WiTH luck we'll start summaries this month, I hope.

+Yajirobee (Balancing toy): got vol 1 and 2. Dnjs is already working on it :)

+Orange: I know I said we'd be doing the scanlation too and such and actually I have the 2 chapters done by now, but not thanks that the editor went MIA, so it took a while to have them and then, we had to work things together with Colorful Scans (because it was the less complicated way to finish the edition /typesetting soon). If it keeps me giving me such a headache I'll just drop the scanlation and probably provide you with the translations or something (which we usually have done quite soon... most of the time). Well, it's not a big deal since SC is doing an awesome work by now =)

+Runway no Koibito: Hope to get some news regarding that during this weekend or next week. The translator got quite busy last month :(

+Sukitte ii na yo 30: I've sent the raws to the translator, is matter of time to have the summary done.

+Tora to Ookami: Bikkuri is busy with her AHR project and stuff. Maybe during the summer? but still unsure (here's winter btw, I'm lost regarding seasons :3). But if someone can give us a hand with this to speed things up, well be really appreciated :)

Regarding Cookie's subscription, I've purchased May's Issue today. I know making a subscription is quite expensive, so I don't expect to collect what we need, but if you can give us a hand with any donation, would be appreciated, and the fact that you can handle the annoying adfly's bee also counts :).

So speaking about that that, I'd really like to start more projects (wether for scanlations or summaries) that are in Cookie, like: Kocchi ni Oide yo  by Maria (her art is awesome) and Koubai no Hana by Michio Shuusuke & Saitou Rin (ther art is pretty and the story is quite mature). Also, Principal could be a good option BUT it's at ch 18 currently and I don't have the previous chapters (scanlation is up to ch 4). And don't have translators, btw.

So people, specially to Jap-Eng Translator, if you are willing to give us a hand, please contact us and help us to spread da love :)! We neeeeed you.

And think that's all by now. Got a tiresome day (It's like I'd work from 7 am at 8 pm and it's really cold and I want my mommy and my puppies, like an old woman) :sigh: Hope to make more things for the site by this weekend.

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